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    As an aesthetic machine, the acoustic radial shock waves was successfully modified for cellulite therapy. A lower energy level is used to avoid tissue damage. The waves are penetrating the tissue affecting a large treatment area. Acoustic waves are introduced into the body without causing skin lesions. In order to minimise reflection losses as the acoustic waves enter the body, acoustic waves must not be generated in air but in a medium whose acoustic properties are similar to those of the human tissue. The unfocused wave energy penetrates into human tissue at depth about 35-40mm, improves collagen regrowth and general connective tissue tightening treatments.
    – Non-invasive treatment
    – No down time
    – Pain-free application
    – Simple application
    – Visible results
    Typical Applications:
    – Cellulite
    – Stretch marks
    – Combination with Cryolipolysis, RF, laser, etc
    – Skin tightening and lifting
    – Aesthetic scar treatment
    – Assist with lymphatic drainage
    Cellulite stage 1 to 3
    Stretch mark
    Muscle And Connective Tissue Tightening
    Body Shaping
    Elimination Of Lymphatic Congestion
    Regulation Of Muscle Tone
    Skin Tightening
    Combination with cryolipolysis
    Combination with radiofrequency
    Combination with laser (non-invasive) for fat reduction
    Combination with ultrasound
    Combination with liposuction
    Combination with lipo vacuum massager
    Handpiece x 1 pc
    Handpiece head x 6 pc
    Main unit x 1 pc
    Handcase or Wooden box x 1 pc
    Power cord x 1 pc
    Handpiece rack x 1 pc
    Operation manual x 1 copy
    BS-SWT5000 has been improved in past years, as 3rd generation product, it has following advantages:
    1. Over 2 million or even much more shots lifecycle designed handpiece
    2. As many as 8 pre-set treatment protocols and unlimited customized settings
    3. Rich Ti-alloy made transmitters (6 pcs)
    4. Max energy up to 5Bar (from 2Bar stepping at 0.1Bar)
    5. Max frequency up to 22Hz (from 1Hz, stepping at 1Hz)
    6. All metal made, safe and durable
    7. Portable designAcoustic Wave Therapy Equipment suppliers